Professional Development Trainer

Looking for a special education trainer who can provide meaningful professional development days for your district? Do you need customized, easy-to-understand videos that cater to the specific needs of your staff? Are you tired of incurring attorney fees for preventable issues? Look no further than Dr. Watson.

Dr. Watson has extensive experience as a professional conference presenter, having shared her expertise at multiple events. As a former educator, administrator, and advocate, she possesses a unique skill set that allows her to offer a wide range of services to school districts. She provides transparent case-by-case consultation, IEP team member training, and professionally developed video training series for certified staff, classified staff, and parents. Her trainings cover essential topics such as Parts of an IEP, Casemanagement, and Professionalism and Communication in Special Education.

As someone who has faced the challenges of being a special education professional herself, Dr. Watson understands the struggles that come with the job and works to minimize them. She is dedicated to providing specialized professional development programs that help improve the special education departments of school districts.

If you’re looking for ways to improve your special education department, contact Dr. Watson today to learn more about the services she offers.